Is Saffron Good For Kids?

Saffron, records a lot of benefits for the body and so the next question is, “Is saffron also good for your kids?”

Saffron being the world’s most expensive spice is very much known for its restorative and medicinal properties. It is not only useful for adults but for children too. From skin and body gains to even mental states in children, saffron has a lot of varied benefits for kids.

1. Saffron can help with insomnia.

Saffron has mild sedative properties that can possibly work with babies or kids with sleep disorder. You can include 2-3 strands of saffron in their milk or baby formula or you may opt to give them saffron supplements.

2. Saffron treats anxiety in children.

Saffron can also aid in treating anxiety, depression and restlessness in most children.

According to a clinical report (Lopresti, 2018), children between the ages of 12 and 16 years were given tablets containing saffron extracts for 8 weeks. After this, the results were analyzed for 68 participants. It showed a decrease in social phobia, separation anxiety, and depression. The spice generally worked to decrease anxiety in adolescents.

3. Saffron helps with children’s digestive problems.

Saffron also helps in digestion and proper food processing in kids. It can also help with babies whose tummies are always upset and sensitive to food supplements. It can also help the kidney, liver, gall bladder due to the ingredients of the spice that directly affects the blood flow.

4. Saffron helps alleviate asthma.

Children who have asthma or have difficulty in breathing can benefit from saffron. The spice generally helps in clearing your child’s airways from inflammation. It is also a good quick fix for asthma attacks.

5. Saffron promotes healthy bones.

Saffron helps the body absorb calcium therefore promoting development especially in kids. In most cases, a single strand can go a long way.

To sum it all up, it is very evident that saffron is good for both adults and children. It is not just an effective remedy to many illnesses, it has a variety of benefits too.

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